Moonfriend is a ring that boosts the turning ability of its
Description: This ring is a silver band woven from strands
only slightly thicker than hair, with a moonstone wrapped in
its weave. On the back of the stone reads a small inscription
in Elven that spells “Moonfriend” in Common.

When activated, the ring sparks as if

discharging an electrical charge.
Activation: If you wear the ring, it automatically activates
each time you attempt to turn undead.
Effect: If you attempt to turn undead while wearing the
ring, you are treated as if three levels higher than your actual
level for the purpose of the turning. This effect is not granted
on rebuke attempts.
In addition, on the day before, during, and after the full and new moon, once per day the wearer may perform a greater turning attempt.
Aura/Caster Level: Moderate necromancy. CL 10th.



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