The World Born Dead

They're On a Boat!, or Delving Through Ruins and Running Through Forest

Setting sail from the city of Gonost, our adventurers find themselves travelling upriver in search of an old ruin, the target of foul brigands who had attacked a temple to find a map to this locale. A day or two on the boat, they came to the small rivertown of Reedport, disembarking. The town brushed up against an extension of Mith Taure. Realizing that they would require some sort of guide to navigate through the ancient forest. Securing the services of a seasoned woodsman, they ventured into the forest.

After several days of searching and travel, they nearly missed an old stone foundation, covered in moss and undergrowth. It seemed to have once been a tower or spire in times past, but only the base and part of a wall remained standing against time. Their sharp eyes notice a disturbed, scraped area of moss, and found a movable flagstone, leading to an underground section of the tower remains. Their quarry had been here before them, and they plunged into the lower level.

A Chapter In Which The Adventurers Get Lost. Repeatedly...

Our adventure begins with a celebration! Having passed, or better put, survived, the tough proving of the Sáraigh guild’s initiation, a small feast is held in their honor! Good food and ale is shared, even for some of the members with stranger physiology. Fellow guild members are introduced and bumped shoulders with, even the three guildmasters.

Following the night of the celebration, the companions finally have a day to relax, and explore the city of Gonost at their leisure, never having had the time in their trying months. Sadly, it was cut short as the members were hastily summoned back to the guild hall after barely half the day had passed. Greeted by Arbin himself, one of the three guildmasters, he apologized for cutting their well-deserved R&R short, but they were the only ones available for some pressing guild business. A clever thief had managed to make off with a magical signet ring of a noble. In and of itself, something the guild would have gladly accepted a contract for, but this man happened to be a rather important patron to the guild. Thus, our band of newly-minted guild members were pressed with the task of finding this thief, Keller, with all possible speed.

Hot on his trail, the party found themselves in the small hamlet of Bluerock. Discovering Keller had left a few days ago with a group of hunters up to Bluerock Lodge, a hunting cabin, they set out into the northern woods in pursuit. The terrain and unfamiliar landscape proved treacherous, and found themselves lost for quite some time, until they managed to finally regain their bearings and arrive at the Lodge. A horrific scene awaited them there, the building ransacked and blood and bodies strewn around. Investigating the cabin, two of their number were dropped by a crazed man who sprung from the storage room before putting him down. After tending to their wounded, they found that the insane man was Keller, but it looked nothing like the man in their description. Something had changed him and broken his mind.

Having searched and found the ring he had stolen (as well as several of the hunter’s remains that had been…eaten…), and decided to spend an uneasy night to rest in the cabin. A feeling of someone watching the cabin couldn’t be shaken off by Q or the other watch shift. And the sickening proof presented itself in the morning, in the gruesome form of the eaten remains of the hunter’s bodies arranged in depraved and mocking positions. One of the bloody skeletons had been frozen upright, seemingly pointing and mocking the group as they left the cabin. Moving post-haste into the woods, they finally encountered their tormentor: one of the hunters, horribly transformed into a wendigo! Destroying it after a desperate battle, the party realized that two of their number had been afflicted by the curse of the wendigo from it’s vicious bites. Pushing their luck and mounts, they raced back to Gonost on the verge of collapse. Dravina managed to find a fellow cleric to cure the afflicted allies of their disease, before, successful and past total exhaustion, collapsed into their berths at the Sáraigh barracks.


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